MILF Life Crisis Robes Now Available

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MILF Life Crisis

Hi You. Thanks for coming here to my new store. Maybe you've seen the live comedy show MILF Life Crisis, or maybe you found your way here from the internet, but as long as you can get what you need to be your MILFiest, then that's all that matters!

I did my comedy special Not Getting It in 2003 and they made me a leopard print robe for the TV taping. I loved that thing- and promised myself it would not be relegated to the back of the closet- the robe will live again! So here I am, wearing that fabulous garment in MILF Life Crisis. And why shouldn't we all have a velvety leopard print robe to take the stage in? Or where ever you are being fabulous. You may no longer be 20, but you've never been better!